25 March 2008

Could You Pass 8th Grade Science?

JustSayHi - Science Quiz

Click on the link. I dare you to shame me!

18 March 2008

Yet Another Happy Birthday

Here's bubbly!! Opened the pandora's box. Again!
We had an impromptu birthday party last Sunday. She turns three!
No cameras please!

Sharing a smiley moment.
With l'il Tasha. Not exactly two peas in a pod.
We had to take her to see a doctor this morning. She has fever and is currently under medication. :(Three's a company.Two's a crowd.Time to blow the candle's out.
What's a partaayyy without karaokaaayyyy. She's holding the mic and she's the only one not singing. You can tell the others were lip syncing.Aspiring Idol contestant.All good things must come to an end. So was her birthday!

14 March 2008


I listened to this song playing on the radio. Heart sang the original version. Here's the version sang by Celine (that was playing on the radio):

Here's the original by Heart:

Here's another version by Carrie Underwood (American Idol fame):

Heart's version still kicks butt.

13 March 2008

Am I the only Jackass who hasn't heard of this? Openoffice.org

10 March 2008

Post Election 2008

The first photo was taken through my rear view mirror at one of the polling stations in Kota Kinabalu. The irony of this photo is that the pick up truck behind me had a Barisan Nasional banner stuck on his screen while he/she had an opposition flag hoisted. Just behind the flag has the words that reads "Sabah Terus Maju" which means Sabah Will Continually Progress, on top of a hill.No Irony here, just taken through my front windscreen.

In the end, the Scale proves mightier than the Eye, or the Rocket for that matters but not after losing 5 states to the opposition. What does this mean ? Someone's gonna get their ass whooped for losing so many states to the opposition. Tun Mahathir has more ammo now to go in for the kill. BN needs to prove itself worthy for they will lose big time next election. Voters are no longer imbecilic! So here's a song which I think is a good post election anthem: