01 April 2014

How to Trap a Monodon

At least I think I have a recipe for it; and a place on where to find it.
...but what is a Monodon ?

25 March 2014

How to build a better mouse trap.

What's Tom up to again ? "Thomas!" - said Nana. (Tom & Jerry Cartoons, W.B.).

24 March 2014

28 January 2014

"Ground Control to Major Tom," Pink Floyd.

"A solar-powered, rolling field geologist." NASA
I'm pretty sure that those smart boys from NASA has figured out how to deploy an unmanned vehicle to explore an unfamiliar terrain by now. So what exactly do we (earthlings) intend to do with this new frontier ? Are we going to a race and place a flag on every border we can identify ? Better still why not hibernate in a cavern full of bears and decide later?  Do we need to go to war to determine an outcome? Do our children's children need to hide underneath their covers to lie in wait for the Boogeyman or should they sleep soundly to Peter Pan ? More questions than answers. Rest assured that our present education system is preparing our young minds for what is to come. What you reap is what you sow. Write a thesis and let the blind lead the blind. Just like the piped piper that led rats to the streets.