24 March 2009

Guitar Rig Hero Contest - Winner

If you recall my previous post titled, "Guitar Combo" there's a souped-up version of this software called Guitar Rig 3 (GR3). You can read more about it in the link at the end of this post.

There was a contest held last year on GR3 called Guitar Rig Hero Contest. The person in this video was the winner.

Guitar Rig on Wiki

18 March 2009

She Turns 4

Merci Aunt. Cilla for the lovely pics taken many many moons ago. Happy Birthday Sweet Diyah!
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10 March 2009

Recording Studio

I've been going over some web pages on sound recording and have been trying to get a general feel as to how to create a home recording studio. Turns out that you don't really need alot of money to start your own garage recording studio.

Here's a good start for you tinker around with the idea:

Making a cheap recording studio! - More DIY How To Projects

09 March 2009

A Haunting

I remember hearing spook tales of haunted houses in my area. Until today, Hollywood has pretty much brought those tales to life.

Here's something I'm looking forward to watching besides Watchmen:

Haunting in Connecticut - Click here for more amazing videos