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A Corny Issue

I'm quite surprised and also troubled as to how the world is ticking at this very challenging and, daunting day and age. Oil crises, global warming, political instability, inflation, etc. etc. The worst part is that so many are so out of tune with reality that they fail to see it even if it is biting them hard in the rear.

The news media plays a pivotal role in disseminating information that it deems critical for the masses. Yet every time I read it I get more confused at what is it that they are trying to tell us. Let's just take a step back and dissect what's been subliminally embedded into our psyche courtesy of the print media:
  1. BN won the recent polls yet will lose if it fails to listen to the plights of it's East Malaysian counterparts
  2. It's still anybody's game to be the next PM, yet we are made to believe that a Malaysian PM can withstand the test of time.
  3. The government will stem the rising price of crude oil by way of what? No real solution has been presented despite launching a bio-fuels propaganda.
  4. A DPM from East Malaysia is possible if the opposition comes into power yet there is no real guarantee unless you-know-who becomes PM
  5. Faith in the Malaysian Judiciary showed signs of weaknesses, we have learned so much legal jargon in a lifetime by just following the news. I.e. Statutory declarations. It is the most ambiguous form of legal document in existence! It is similar to an oath but not, It is affirmed by an authorized administer of oaths (IE. Justice of the Peace) but NOT made under oath. What does that tell you? Basically a Statutory Declaration is admissible in court but should not be construed as the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Please correct me if I am wrong. I can make a Statutory Declaration that my Grand ma was raped by a gang of horny aliens from Mars and, pay RM$10 to get it authorized by an administer of oaths. Whether the courts will believe it won't matter but let it be a public persecution and let's see where popular culture will take us. Do I see any light bulbs flashing over your heads?
Look at what the US of A is propagating, Ethanol as a solution in reducing foreign dependence of oil. The Republicans and the Democrats are singing this tune. Yet it's just a load of bull dung.

I'm sure it's no different with Bio diesel from Palm oil. It just means more land will be cleared for cultivating oil palm, more fertilizer used, more trucks will be needed for transporting thus the net energy used will be almost zero.

Even scientific data can prove to be more harm than good.

Where are we really heading ? Let's not also forget the war in Iraq. There is still no conclusive evidence that Weapons of Mass Destruction exists there. A sure fire way to reduce foreign dependency on oil is to bombard the foreign oil producing countries to oblivion. Hence causing shortages in world crude oil, driving its price up to a new record and thus providing the means for corn growers to reap the benefits from producing ethanol. Why corn for ethanol ? It falls back to a state called Iowa. "The state gets considerable attention every four years because it holds the first presidential caucuses, gatherings of voters to select delegates to the state conventions." (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iowa). So it's no secret that the Iowa Caucuses is deemed as a stepping stone for the White House. Iowa has a significant number of corn growers and winning their hearts can lead you the Oval Office.

Here's what US$8 billion excluding the US$5 billion spent on R&D can bring to the table in terms of military prowess. Meet the soon-to-be commissioned USS Gerald R. Ford:
The largest friggin' frigate of the US Navy in terms of displacement in the Nimitz class. How is this connected to Ethanol production ? The big Kahuna of the US Navy is the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO). He has say over the US Navy on its entirety. From the type of aircraft to be utilized on every single frigate to the type of knickers that the navy wears. The CNO's boss is the Commander-in-chief. By the very virtue of becoming the US President, the title of Commander-in-chief is automatically bestowed to those presiding in the Oval Office. Each and every individual born in the US of A has an unalienable right to become the President of the USA.

Here's a link to some amazing facts about voting in the US. You wonder how a chimp became top chump of the USA? Needless to say that the President of the USA has the military at its disposal at any given day to gain economic leverage in the global economy.

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01 July 2008

Show Stopper

Imagine getting this under your Christmas tree because Santa thinks you've been such a good boy all year. Santa's gotta dig deep into his pockets to get you one of these. There's only 20 of these babies made and the pictures below is the 1st out of the 20 Lamborghini Reventon's ever made. I like the matte fighter jet finish on it. Drool on: