20 May 2011

05 May 2011

Victory Loves Preparation.

Read about Seal Team 6's Hi Tech Eyes here.

Heard about thermal imagery, now this stuff their using on missions are beyond heat. It's as an acute as the tongue of a snake. Imagine that you can imprint what a snake senses through its tongue, on to your camera lenses and straight to your memory card then uploading it to Facebook for you to view via your natural peripheral vision. This is 'Hyperspectral Imaging' and, these are the eyes of Seal Team 6.

This implicates so much of Obama's Administration. Using high tech gadgetry as a deterrent to national security has long been a nation's tactical repertoire but these guys are forerunners.

"Yes We Can" resounds loud and clear to all nations near and far. Obviously, but hoping you'll find these puppies in your mail catalog anytime soon? Fat chance!