23 May 2008

It's Not About A Box of Chocolate...

I got this in my email today. Thought I'd share it with the world. It'll be a great print for a T-shirt.
Anyway, it's Friday and I'm broke for the weekend. Here's a cool music video to kick start your weekend.

Here's another funny one from Weird Al':

22 May 2008

A Real Tear Jerker

People who insult women wearing the Hijjab has something against the religion and not the individual. Check out this video from ABC News:

Perhaps the underlying message of this video is at minute 3:44 of the video. "They saw an injustice. It's justice that binds us together. It's justice that makes us a society. Any threat to that kind of sense of justice and fairness undermines the entire system." John Dovidio, Department of Psychology, Yale University.

21 May 2008

The Sad Case of Affairs We're In

It's everywhere lately, the media, the people, the coffee shop talks, the blogs, sms'es; everywhere. Dissatisfaction. The whole Sabah has finally found a good reason to step up to the plate and highlight their grievances publicly. We used to have our panties up in a bunch. A little peep here a little chirp there and then it was swept under the rug. "It" being all the ills; socially, politically, financially yada, yada, yada. Enough already!
The Pied Piper has came and went in various forms. Just why do you think Obama has tipped the American electoral polls. Even the Klu Klux Clan has given their thumbs up to the man. Obama? Osama?African American? Moslem? What are the Americans thinking! It's about "We the People." and we want change.

Growing up in the eighties where Sabah was in for a politcal "change" has numbed me enough to see what she's going through these days. It's going to take more than a Doctor to prescribe a remedy.
Every single Tom, Dick and Harry has a grudge or two on everybody else. It's getting harder to walk with your head up high in these circumstances that has shaken the faith we have in our system of democracy.

Read the writings on the walls.

05 May 2008

Bye Bye Aunt Cilla

We'll miss hanging out at your house and eating all your candy! See you this Kaamatan!