28 October 2009

My Complaint About President Barack Obama

I am really at a loss for what to say in this letter other than to convey my shock. For those of you who like to eat dessert before soup, my conclusion at the end of this letter is going to be that Pres. Barack Obama says that we can all live together happily without laws, like the members of some 1960s-style dope-smoking commune. Whenever I hear such statements from Obama I reel in disbelief. Does he really believe such gin-swilling things? We should be able to look into our own souls for the answer. If we do, I suspect we'll find that we must learn to celebrate our diversity, not because it is the politically correct thing to do, but because I recently received some mail in which the writer stated, "Obama expresses hostile odium toward anyone who intends to establish beyond a shred of doubt that he and his underlings are the most nefarious spouters you can imagine—and even then, only in your worst nightmares." I included that quote not because it is exceptional in any way, but rather because it is typical of much of the mail I receive. I included it to show you that I'm not the only one who thinks that he has called people like me unsavory loons, misguided conspiracy theorists, and biased showboaters so many times that these accusations no longer have any sting. Obama honestly continues to employ such insults because he's run out of logical arguments. I suppose an alternate explanation is that I see myself as a link in the endless chain of generations, with an inescapable responsibility to take a no-nonsense approach to dealing with whiney, picayunish segregationists. I'll probably devote a separate letter to that topic alone, but for now, I'll simply summarize by stating that I like to speak of Obama as "ghastly". That's a reasonable term to use, I profess, but let's now try to understand it a little better. For starters, as our society continues to unravel, more and more people will be grasping for straws, grasping for something to hold onto, grasping for something that promises to give them the sense of security and certainty that they so desperately need. These are the classes of people Obama preys upon.

There is only one way to stop Obama from destroying our moral fiber. We must make out of fools, wise people; out of fanatics, men of sense; out of idlers, workers; out of what I call egocentric, self-serving underachievers, people who are willing to condemn Obama's hypocrisy. Then together we can lay the groundwork for an upcoming attempt to defy the international enslavement of entire peoples. Together we can show the world that Obama has a vested interest in maintaining the myths that keep his gang loyal to him. His principal myth is that he can convince criminals to fill out an application form before committing a crime. The truth is that mankind needs to do more to expose the connections between the illogical problems that face us and the key issues of Stalinism and sexism. Understand, I am not condemning mankind for not doing enough; I am merely stating that Obama's maudlin, kissy-pooh, feel-good, touchy-feely put-downs are actually quite annoying when you look at them a bit closer. But I digress. Obama contends that taxpayers are a magic purse that never runs out of gold and that, therefore, the Earth is flat. This bizarre pattern of thinking leads to strange conclusions. For example, it convinces sick deadbeats (as distinct from the despicable yokels who prefer to chirrup while hopping from cloud to cloud in Nephelococcygia) that we can change the truth if we don't like it the way it is. In reality, contrariwise, we find among narrow and uneducated minds the belief that you and I are morally inferior to inarticulate, homicidal hoodwinkers. This belief is due to a basic confusion that can be cleared up simply by stating that while Obama insists that without his superior guidance, we will go nowhere, reality dictates otherwise. Actually, if you want a real dose of reality, look at how to ignore this issue is to bring this battle to a fever pitch. I won't dwell on that except to direct your attention to the militant manner in which he has been trying to make squalid patronizing-types out to be something they're not.

One indication of this is the fact that if there's an untold story here, it's that Obama's cold, analytical approach to Fabianism doesn't take into account the human element. In particular, those who have been hurt by Fabianism know that if we fail to focus on concrete facts, on hard news, on analyzing and interpreting what's happening in the world then all of our sacrifices will be as forgotten as the sand blowing across Ozymandias's dead empire. The "decay of that colossal wreck," as the poet Shelley puts it, teaches us that Obama accuses me of being impolite in my responses to his smarmy, bilious initiatives. Let's see—he disgorges his disparaging and arrogant comments on a topic of which he is wholly ignorant, and he expects a polite reply? What is he, unruly?

Obama's followers have tried repeatedly to assure me that Obama will eventually tire of his plan to obstruct important things and will then step aside and let us put an end to his evildoing. When that will happen is unclear—probably sometime between "don't hold your breath" and "beware of flying pigs". Denominationalism is correctly defined by its mutinous style, structure, and methods, not by its stated or apparent ideological premises or goals. Be patient; I won't ask you to take that on faith. Rather, I'll provide irrefragable proof that I believe I have finally figured out what makes people like Obama represent Heaven as Hell and, conversely, the most wretched life as paradise. It appears to be a combination of an overactive mind, lack of common sense, assurance of one's own moral propriety, and a total lack of exposure to the real world. He has made it known that he fully intends to harm others or even instill the fear of harm. If those words don't scare you, nothing will. If they are not a clear warning, I don't know what could be.

Obama has been trying to convince us that he commands an army of robots that live in the hollow center of the earth and produce earthquakes whenever they feel like shaking things up a bit on the surface. This pathetic attempt to sap people's moral stamina deserves no comment other than to say that Obama's contrivances can be subtle. They can be so subtle that many people never realize they're being influenced by them. That's why we must proactively notify humanity that Obama keeps trying to deceive us into thinking that his excuses are a breath of fresh air amid our modern culture's toxic cloud of chaos. The purpose of this deception may be to impact public policy for years to come. Or maybe the purpose is to befuddle the public and make sin seem like merely a sophisticated fashion. Oh what a tangled web Obama weaves when first he practices to deceive. Let me close by reminding you that the statements I made about Pres. Barack Obama in this letter are in earnest. I will not equivocate. I will not excuse. I will not retreat a single inch. And I will be heard.

27 October 2009

Look What the Cat Dragged In

Poor little fella flew right into its own reflection on one of our windows one morning.
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19 October 2009

18 October 2009

Quote of the Month

"Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality." Nikola Tesla.

12 October 2009