27 November 2012

Hacking Handcuffs

Oh so it is science fact.


26 November 2012

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20 November 2012

My Thoughts on Gaza

Congratulations to the Israeli Government for saying that dogmatism is a wonderful thing. That surely wins the prize for being the most demonic and odious thing I've ever heard. I assume you already know that its writings exhibit a disregard not merely for style but for the truth, but I have something more important to tell you. If anything will free us from the shackles of the Israeli Government's temerarious, mentally deficient belief systems, it's knowledge of the world as it really is. It's knowledge that it's a psychologically defective organization. It's what the psychiatrists call a constitutional psychopath or a sociopath.

The Israeli Government claims to have read somewhere that we can change the truth if we don't like it the way it is. I don't doubt that it has indeed read such a thing; one can find all sorts of crazy stuff on the Internet. More reliable sources, however, tend to agree that the Israeli Government likes to break up society's solidarity and cohesiveness. Such activity can flourish only in the dark, however. If you drag it into the open, the Israeli Government and its confreres will run for cover like cockroaches in a dirty kitchen when the light is turned on suddenly during the night. That's why we must make a cause célèbre out of exposing the Israeli Government's apothegms for what they really are.The Israeli Government plants false evidence to incriminate its nemeses. And that's where we are right now.

The Israeli Government talks loudly about family values and personal responsibility but when it comes to backing up those words with actions, all it does is poke and pry into every facet of our lives. Even if we accepted the Israeli Government's invectives, so what? Does that mean that anyone who dares to point out the glaring contradiction between its idealized view of moral relativism and reality can expect to suffer hair loss and tooth decay as a result? Of course not. The Israeli Government's hopeless sottises have a demoralizing effect on the victims of human-rights violations, pure and simple. I think I've dished it out to the Israeli Government as best as I can here. I hope you now understand why I say that I commend to your earnest and philosophical consideration the Israeli Government's plan to acquire power and use it to indoctrinate acrimonious know-it-alls.

19 November 2012

If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It

Real world problems need real world solutions. More often the solution is much worse than the predicament. Doctors used to prescribed antibiotics by the doses to treat mild flu-like symptoms until recent medical journals has argued that the average flu virus have become more and more resistant to antibiotics. In general, we're not actually getting healthier physiologically but, we're getting sicker. Maybe sicker psychologically as well.

Whether you're a Darwinist or not, evolution does not necessarily prove that only the strong will survive but adaptability is a key ingredient to continuity.  Click on the image to enlarge. May you survive the week ahead and live another day to tell it.

14 November 2012

World's Funniest Joke

Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn't seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other guy whips out his phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps, "My friend is dead! What can I do?" The operator says "Calm down. I can help. First, let's make sure he's dead." There is a silence, then a gun shot is heard. Back on the phone, the guy says "OK, now what?"


12 November 2012

The Best Things in Life are Free

Don't go broke chasing it. Happy Monday. Click on image to enlarge.

07 November 2012

Wikipedia Top Ten Outstanding U.S. Presidents

Congratulations Barack  Obama for winning the U.S. Presidential Elections for another term. To celebrate another 4 years in office, here's a list of outstanding U.S. Presidents according to Listverse:

10. John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)

9. Andrew Jackson (1829-1837)

8. James Monroe (1817-1825)

7. Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809)

6. Grover Cleveland (1885-1889) and (1893-1897)

5. Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909)

4. James Knox Polk (1845-1849)

3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933-1945)

2.  Woodrow Wilson  (1913-1921)

1. Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865)

05 November 2012

Happy Monday...

Which came first, the shoe or the foot ? Click on image to enlarge.

02 November 2012

01 November 2012

The Tech of the Chicken and Egg Dilemma

Which came first ? The egg or the chicken. I've come across this dilemma on numerous occasions and trying to put it to rest poses more questions than answers. If the egg came first then a chicken must've laid the egg. So the chicken is first. However, without the egg there wouldn't be a chicken than the egg must've been first. Definitely there's no clear cut answer. Here's an attempt: