24 February 2009

The Hands That'll Rock The World

Just one out of her many art projects. We had a messy time finger/hand painting yesterday.

20 February 2009

A Woman's Fury Caught on Tape

The lady in the footage missed her flight to San Francisco at Hong Kong International Airport. It must have taken some serious effort to get there.

I hope this doesn't happen to my mom one day en route to see her daughters in Canada.

The person behind the footage remains unknown.

19 February 2009

It's Just a Phone...

In case you haven't heard. My phone was a victim of a snatch theft. The worst part is not losing the phone but the contacts that you so painstakingly organized and stored. E-mails, business lines, addresses all up in smoke.

I went phone hunting for a replacement last Sunday (the same day I lost my phone), and I came across an upgrade model of the phone I lost. A Nokia E66. It's got all the functions similar to a Blackberry Bold. Only difference is that the resolution for the Nokia's camera is slightly better than the Blackberry's. That's about the only difference I could find between the two.

Price differential between the two, the Blackberry is at a higher premium. I'm wondering what's all the fuss about a Blackberry.

You can pretty much guess which phone I'll be purchasing.

Specs. for Blackberry Bold

Specs. for Nokia E66

18 February 2009

Inspire Me

I'm still drawing blanks for what to post for Wednesdays. No, I'm lying. I'm just not trying hard enough. Well, hope this will inspire you to get through the rest of the week.

17 February 2009

Tuesday's Here Again

If you've been following this blog since early February, you would recall that I've been trying to organize my posts into a particular given theme for every weekday. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's are still at the drawing board while Thursdays and Fridays has been themed Tech Thursday and Freaky Fridays.

It is seriously harder than it is trying to come up with something that would be interesting enough to keep you satiated for more. I can imagine how network executives feel when they have to keep on fulfilling their target audience with TV shows that will keep them glued at any given time of day.

So it's another Tuesday and as I sit in my chair glaring at my 17 inch LCD screen thinking of what to present to you, I find myself sinking deeper and deeper into the great pool of emptiness. I'm not quite sure of which rabbit to pull out of the hat. So, I decide to do a little Googling. It's what I do when I'm either stumped or stupefied. This is what caught my eye as I filtered the results at Google: 10 Killer Posts Ideas

It may not seem a lot but in general it helps put your thoughts in order rather than trying to pull rabbits from thin air like yours truly. So you're thinking. What'll it be for Tuesdays? It'll be the no. 1 item listed in the link that is "How to". I'll make up what's for Mondays and Wednesday as we go along. Right now I'm transfixed on the subject of How to's. A whole doorway of infinite possibilities has opened up on the subject itself.

I suggest the following how-to for you to ponder upon:

How to Create a Butterfly Garden

Why this "How to" you ask?

  1. The easiness of it all: Living in the tropics is ideally a place where you can experiment with this possibility because of the limitless supply of flora and fauna available. You don't need to go far to look for a particular plant species it could be already growing in your back yard. You don't even have to try to collect these creatures as they are abundantly available as long as the flowers are in bloom.
  2. Eco-toursim: It's the buzz word lately where tourism and the ecology unites. You may be a small resort or chalet operator. Thus, It's probably one of the least expensive ventures for you to start working on immediately.
  3. Photography: The internet has spurned a growing number of digital camera buffs, what better way for them to expand their portfolio in the world of macro photography.

16 February 2009

Here Squirrel, Squirrel...

Please excuse the sporadic posts since early February. It has been a rough month for yours truly. A series of unfortunate events not related to the movie of the same title has bewitched me. For starters, my entire broadband was down for almost a fortnight (Yes it took them that long to figure out a fix). My ISP couldn't figure out the cause of my failure to connect to the Internet until they sent a team (3 personnel) to diagnose it.

It all boiled down to a nasty squirrel. Yes, a black minuscule bushy tailed fur ball has disabled my ability to communicate via e-mail, read the news, get my daily dose of the latest gossips both politically and socially i.e. the blogosphere and, do some research etc. etc. It ate a chunk out of my telephone wire rendering it inoperable. How this little rodent mistook a telephone cable for a piece of beef jerky is anyone's guess. God don't let this be a conspiracy. Now, the entire telephone line from my house to the main telephone pole on the main road needs to be replaced. The entire length that need be replaced is a solid half kilometer or so.

As a gesture of good faith they (my ISP) have not bothered nor attempted to provide me with any form of compensation, be it monetary or a simple smile for my days of down Internet time. I assume that ridding me of the nasty squirrel i.e. clearing the bushes underneath the telephone line so it couldn't reach the telephone cable was good faith enough. Ok so be it, let's let bygones be bygones and so on and so on. I'm not going to rattle anyone's cage over some furry animal.

If that didn't make it bad news enough for some, my mobile telephone was taken from right under my nose at a local street fair. I took pictures of my family's activities during Valentine's day with the intention to post it here to share. All that lovey dovey feeling of being on cloud nine has been lost to a snatch thief. Now all that is left is my residual memory of that day. How cruel can the world come to. My kids weren't spared the fate, they were ill with a nasty flu bug after just recovering from one about a month ago. It has caused me horrendous hours of mental anguish and monetary loss of an enormous magnitude. I was an emotional wreck after this entire ordeal. Not being able to reach the outside world, tending to sick children, loss of sleep and dimentia. I felt like a 9/11 victim.

You can imagine how difficult it is to stay with the flow when it comes to keeping your posts frequent and current after my spate of luck. I really need to toss some salt over my shoulders for good luck after I'm done with some squirrel hunting. Anyone game?

13 February 2009

It's that Friday again.

Yes, the dreaded Friday the 13th to some at least. Hang on to that four leaf clover, throw some salt over your shoulders and carry that lucky rabbit's foot for those of you that's superstitious. It could be a bumpy ride.

Here's a video from one of my favorite guitarist. Stevie Ray Vaughn. Titled Superstition.

10 February 2009

Doodling with My Phone's Camera

This shot was taken with my phone's 2 megapixel camera. I was quite surprised as to how it turned out. This was taken at Beringgis beach during sunset one day. I particularly liked the way the wave reflected the sky's mood that time.
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02 February 2009

Movie Matinees

I've just got my Internet restored after a whole week. This post was actually meant for Tuesday of last week. I was smart enough to save it as a draft.

Here's what's on my movie list at the moment:
  1. Slumdog Millionaire
  2. Lakeview Terrace
  3. XIII The Conspiracy
  4. Mirrors
  5. Dance of the Dead

Something to Kickstart Your 1st Week of February