31 December 2007

10 Years Ago Today

It's the end of the year already. The beginning of an end and the end of another beginning or so it seems. I was reading an article on digg.com about armageddon, it's not the sun dying out, or an incoming comet but time as we know it would stop. Much like hitting the pause button on your VCD/DVD player. Everything would stand still. It's a radical theory but much like any other radical theories it would later turn out to be plausible. Take for example Einstein's theory of Relativity. It was equivalent to witchcraft during it's time and, he was put on a stake and burnt for it. Only much later would his peers nominate him for a Nobel prize. So, why the grim story on New Year's Eve? Shouldn't one be pessimistic this time of year? After all, isn't that's why New Year's day is a public holiday in most God fearing countries? The fact is I've been pondering upon this thought of "time pausing". It doesn't necessarily have to be so depressing; the end of the world by standstill. I would just pick the most happiest moment of my life and wait for the end of the world. Wouldn't that be best way for the world to end? Think about it, you're on the streets when the countdown to armageddon has started. 5 seconds left untill doomsday, I'd smell the air, kiss life in the face and bid farewell before time stops for eternity. What a happy ending.
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28 December 2007

What is this bullshit?

"Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!" Excuse the language. The word "bullshit" is just like any other profanity. It has so many meanings that you can't even fathom on what context to even use it best. It could be used to express shock. "Bullshit!" or, disbelief. "Bullshit!" or just plain dismay "Bullshit!". It just feels good to say it to someone's face just because of the sheer misery that someone has put you through. It's never enough. No matter how high you jump or how low you crawl. Bullshit will always hit you in the face and will stink until kingdom come. There's no way out of it and you feel that it can drag you into a sinkhole so deep in bullshit that it will squeeze the bullshit out of you and leave your ass high and dry for more bullshit. So what is this bullshit? It stinks and that's bullshit.

27 December 2007

Happy Birthday!

So today is the day that I was born 32 years ago. I woke up not feeling my brightest. Maybe because I didn't sleep in the best of mood the night before knowing that I could've given my best and I didn't. Failure is not an excuse for me. I'm not a perfectionist but if I could accomplish more than my expectations, I would've given it my 100%.

Why did I start this blog on my birthday ? Maybe the best way to answer that question is by answering another. Did you try to find a set of corresponding numbers when you first picked your mobile number? Did you come up with a cool email address that best suits you or your personality? I certainly did. It boils down to personalization. Almost all material things we own, we find the need to personalize it; be it your car registration numbers or something more mundane like your toaster.

So here's a toast to this blog. Open your best champagne and celebrate it with vigour for all you know it may be your last. I'm not quite sure where this blog is heading but that's the best part of starting something new. Life's a journey not a destination. So, where ever I go, hear and talk. Whatever my thoughts, feelings and indiscretions and ideas. I'll try to put an effort to blog it for all of you to absorb and ponder upon.